Your employer is responsible for your health and safety in the workplace, there is no doubt about that. However, that said, we also cannot ignore the fact that above everybody else, you are responsible for your health and safety as well and that you have a key role to play in staying well while you work. If you are unable to look after yourself correctly and identify situations that could potentially bring you harm, you will not benefit from having a good and responsible employer either. So here are some basic ways in which you can stay safe and stay well while you are at work.

Identify the Risks of Your Occupation

The risks that you will have to face in your job will depend upon the kind of job that you have the work that comes with it. For example, somebody who works on a construction site will be exposed to many different hazardous situations that can physically even cripple them if they are serious injuries. On the other hand somebody who is working in an office, will also have risks to their mental health from having to handle too much work on a daily basis and having no work and life balance. Therefore the first step to your safety is for you to identify the risks that you have to your health at your job.

Take Part in Trainings

Your employer will hold safety trainings regularly. In fact, they are advised to do so as it reduces their liability as well when employees are well looked after and made aware of the potential dangers they face. Therefore if they have something like a Health and Safety Refresher Onsite Training or the likes, make sure that you participate in it and stay aware of what you should and should not do. Do not think about skipping it as this has a direct connection to your own well-being and therefore to the happiness and well-being of your loved ones as well.

Comply With Safety Regulations

You must always comply with the safety rules and regulations that have been given to you by your employer and have been taught to you at your trainings. If this means that you always wear protective gear for example, make sure that you do so without fail as it could mean the difference between you ending up with a broken toe or losing your whole leg. Even when it comes to using machinery and tools make sure that you go through the manual and clarify any doubts that you have about using it before you actually do. Not only could it save your life, it could save somebody else’s life too.

Don’t Be Reckless

Finally, don’t be reckless and irresponsible. Be intelligent in the choices that you make. Don’t ever climb to a high scaffolding without your safety harness attached. Don’t operate machinery without the protective gear on. If you notice something that is unstable, tell it to the people in charge so that they can fix it up immediately before somebody hurts themselves.