Bringing home your baby might be the most exciting and scary moment of your life (especially if it’s your first kid). After so long you finally get to hold your baby in your arms and you probably might be overthinking and overanalysing every single move and step. What if I drop her? What do I do? Oh no the poop’s dripping! (Just kidding!) Might be some questions that will surely pop in your head during those first few months, stressing you out to no end. Don’t worry too much though, here are some tips to save you from all that stress and analysing!

No Need to Tiptoe

It’s probably a general myth that you need to be extra quiet while your baby is sleeping, especially after long hours of staying awake throughout the night. And while we can’t help but try to be extra quiet so that they don’t wake up, you don’t necessarily have to do so. It is perfectly alright to function as how you would normally do so, even if it means vacuuming your home in the midnight (okay maybe you might need to limit the extreme!). This is because throughout all these nine months, your baby is already used to noise especially since the womb is loud. And so, there is not much of a difference that it would make.

Rock a Bye Baby

It is only natural that baby’s cry their lungs out. And it is also natural that you start panicking your heart out, imagining the worst possible reasons. But hold on to those wild thoughts and excessive panicking, because they wouldn’t help at all. Instead hold your baby close to you and try patting her back in a slow rhythm, not only does it help the burping process better but it also soothes your baby as well. You could also try humming a slow tune, swinging to the sides or even swaddling.

Work Out a Routine

As time goes by, you might come to understand your baby and her feeding times, better. Especially after 3 weeks or so. During such a time, make sure that you take the best advantage of it, and prepare for things better. This also helps you skip out on all that unwanted stress and other problems. Keep everything you might need by your nightstand when you go to bed, and while your baby is asleep during the day, use the extra time for yourself, to work out or catch up on some missed work. This way you can manage time better and take care of yourself too.

A Filled Tummy, a Long Sleep

The reason most babies wake up during the nights, is either because they wet their nappies or they are simply still hungry. And if you don’t make sure your baby is full before he or she goes to bed, then you might not to need to set that early alarm because you’ll be eventually waking up to the wailing sound. So when you are feeding your baby, and if he or she might be falling asleep during that time, gently stroke their cheek to make them stay away and drink better, till they are all full. This way there is a lesser chance they’ll be waking up in the nights any time soon!

Use the above tricks on your baby and guarantee long hours of sleep in the night, not only for yourself but for your baby too!



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