You might have probably witnessed troubled people entering the treatment facility. You might have also observed that they come out refreshed and ready to take on life’s challenges as if nothing happened. It’s as if magic happens inside – and transforms people from within. Well, apparently, this is a real world and not a fantasy world. But if you want to know what happens inside a treatment facility, you better read on to know what happens next.


Similar to an ordinary person, the patients have the usual breakfast. Depending on your preference, there are morning classes that you can take. Some of these classes include the morning yoga exercises or Zumba exercises to give the patients an ample energy level to take on the day. Apart from the yoga exercises, there are also therapy sessions that come in groups. During these sessions, the patient is expected to be enlightened of the probable issues that surround the patient’s life. At the end of the sessions, you are expected to identify the behaviour patterns that you can change to avoid vices.


As the day goes on, more therapy takes place. While the morning involved group therapy sessions, the afternoon will be filled with individual behavioural therapy, family therapy, and other specialized therapies. The first one aims to help patients shape their behavioural responses to certain triggering factors. This therapy usually happens in a controlled environment, where the patient feels open and secured to voice out his inner thoughts and feelings. The second one, family therapy, intends to resolve family issues surrounding the family. This will shape how the family will support the patient once he gets discharged from the treatment facility. Lastly, specialized therapies largely depend on the patient. This could cover anger management issues, stress management, and other addiction-related therapies. Experts at drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Victoria will recommend the most appropriate therapy programs for its patients. Although these therapies do not happen every day, a few hours in the afternoon is left for the patients to have some free time for themselves.


Apart from the dinner, a group session is commonly held at night as a culminating activity for the day. Similar to the individual behavioural therapy, this session also happens in a controlled environment, where patients feel at ease in sharing their thoughts and feelings. After which, the patients head to their respective beds. It is highly encouraged that the patients get enough sleep to help them cope and participate with the treatment programs during the day. A sleepy patient only encourages his non-participation to the treatment programs. This, in fact, affects the treatment quality of the patient. Ifs this happens, treatment program delays could happen or worse, early relapse for the patient could occur. Hence, ample sleep is needed.

As you might have observed, the day begins and ends with a sharing. This is because treatment facilities highly value these sharing sessions as such plays a crucial part in monitoring the progress of the patient in the context of the treatment programs being conducted. 

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