Working with a new born is definitely a challenge especially if it is your first time. And unlike any other job, parenting could only be learned through trial and error. So there might be those times you might panic for things that aren’t too important and ignore things that you should be paying extra care to. Nevertheless, being open to learning from different means and sources could certainly help you get through this challenging phase, much better. So here are some hacks you could use, while taking care of your newborn baby, especially if it is your first.

Onesies Go Down To

As a new mom, poop explosions are the worst possible encounters you would ever dread having to experience. Sadly there is only a slight chance that you might get lucky when it comes to avoiding such situations, and a higher chance of facing the wrath of the poop monster! So if you ever encounter such a messy situation, remember that onesies go down too. The way these materials have been designed, the envelop flaps near the shoulder areas helps you pull down that onesie without having to make an even bigger mess. So don’t forget that these flaps are not only for decorative purposes, but has its functional value as well, so use them smartly.

The Baby Sleeping Trick

Unlike us grown adults who easily fall asleep once we are all tired out, babies are far from it. They are in fact quite the opposite when it comes to sleeping schedules and reasons. Instead of merely falling fast asleep as they get tired out, they become cranky, and uncomfortable making the whole sleeping process all too difficult. That is why it is important that you pay close attention to those sleeping signs. Generally, a newborn could only stay awake for an hour and half, anything pass that makes them difficult to handle. So even if they’ve been awake only for 45 minutes or so, if they show those sleeping signs, be sure to be ready to put them to bed. This way they’ll sleep better and get accustomed to a sleeping schedule as well!

Use the Baby Gear Smartly

Today, tending to your baby has become much easier especially with all the fancy latest gear. So now you can look after your baby and keep him close to you while you cook up a snack or finish on that remaining paper work. So before your baby is born make sure to purchase a pram or stroller, a carrier that you can wear on your shoulders, infant cushions and even a fluffy blanket. Use all these to put your baby to sleep better or hold them close to you, without juggling things with one arm.

Working Those Dark Curtains

You could also try the trick of using much darker curtains, to reduce the bright lighting flowing in to your baby’s room, this would not only help him sleep better, but by closing the curtains, he would also be able to understand that he should be sleeping now instead being wide awake.

Work things around your baby while also training your baby to adjust to things around them, little by little. This way over time, taking care of them wouldn’t be much of a struggle at all!