As much as we take care of our body, we need to take care of our teeth as well. Here are a few tips that will help to maintain your oral hygiene.

Start With the Basics

From a very young age we have been told to brush our teeth twice a day and this is truly the secret to prevent those cavities. Many people don’t brush their teeth at night, it is more important to brush your teeth at night than in the morning to get rid of all the food particles in lying in your mouth before you go to sleep. If you are someone who is prone to cavities then you should brush your teeth after every meal. This will also help to whiten them. According to the experts, you should floss your teeth because brushing isn’t enough to get rid of the food particles in between your teeth. So make it a habit to floss your teeth every night no matter how tired you are.

Go for Regular Check-ups

Most people go to a dentist only after they experience some sort of pain. This is wrong in fact you should go for a dental check-up every six months this will ensure your teeth are healthy and free from cavities. It is important to go to a well-reputed dentist, so if you live in Sydney you could do your regular check-ups at dentist St Leonards. Also, your dentist will be able to detect earlier diseases and will be able to cure it at a very early stage before it gets worse. So if you haven’t seen your nearby dentist for a while then it is time you make an appointment to check if don’t have any cavities!

Get Rid Of Unhealthy Habits

In order to maintain your oral hygiene, you will need to get rid of your unhealthy habits. For example, if you want shiny white teeth then you will have to stop consuming tea and coffee as these beverages stain really badly. If you are someone who is already addicted to it then try to reduce your intake of these beverages by reducing the quantity of it. There are teeth whitening treatments but it will not be effective if you keep consuming the above mentioned beverages. You will also need to get rid of smoking because this is closely associated with gum diseases. Besides smoking is injurious to your health as it shortens your lifespan. It can be difficult to get rid of it especially if you are addicted but products such as nicotine patches will make this process easier. Another great habit you could include in your oral hygiene is to rinse your mouth with a mouthwash. This is not a substitute for brushing or flossing but just an added step with will keep all the mouth infections at bay.

Lastly you will need to reduce your sugar intake. This is because this triggers painful cavities and if you don’t treat them on time then you might have to go through severe procedures such as root canal which is not only painful but will also cost you a lot of money.

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