Everybody wants to look good at all times. Here is your guide to looking stylish and fashionable:

How You Carry Yourself

Fashion is a very personal thing, it is not just about your clothes. It is about your personality and how you carry yourself. You necessarily don’t have to buy all branded clothes to look fashionable and stylish. It is about how you can pull off a simple outfit effortlessly. In order to do this you need to know your body, for instance, you might have a lot of abdominal fat in that case you cannot wear clothes which are extremely tight. Similarly if you have heavy thighs then you cannot wear extremely short dresses. So it is important to dress according to your body type.

Try Different Attire

You cannot look fashionable if you try the same kind of clothes all the time. This is why you will have to experiment and get out of your comfort zone. During this process you might have fashion disasters and that is the part of the learning process. A woman especially goes through different phases in her life and it is important to dress according to it. For example, when you are pregnant you might opt for more loose clothes such as stylish maternity wear. You don’t necessarily have to get the most expensive clothes, you should always look for good deals to save your hard-earned money. You could get breastfeeding dresses online at a much cheaper rate than going to a branded store. So don’t hesitate with experimenting, if you are unsure about colour coordinating then you could always Google for help.

It Is Not Just About Clothes

Most people have this misconception where they think that being fashionable is all about wearing good clothes. Clothes do play a role but it is not the whole thing. You will have to look into a lot of things. For example you will have to maintain your hair so you could style it differently for different attires. Hair maintaining requires a lot of effort and in some cases money as well. For example, you will have to regularly trim your hair to ensure there are no split ends. Apart from this you will have to oil it at least once a week and use a paraben free shampoo. A healthy hair will allow you to try different hairstyles which will truly make you look fashionable. You will also have to apply the right amount of makeup, most of the people cake themselves with makeup ruining their whole look.

Complete the Attire

No outfit is complete without the right accessories. In order to look fashionable you need to have a good sense of style, this means you will need to know what kind of accessories go with different kinds of clothes. If you are wearing a plain black dress then you could make it look attractive by pairing it up with a rich necklace or a multicolored clutch. Apart from this you need to know the basics that is wear light colour clothing during the day and opt for dark colours for night time.

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