New moms always have it tough when it comes to taking care of babies. Especially with the very limited experience that comes only by going through the process yourself. And because of this, it is hard to understand what to do and what not to do. So here are some tips to help you get through this stage in your life, much more successfully.

Hold Your Baby, It Is Perfectly Alright

Some might say that holding your baby in your arms always, would spoil him or her and that they wouldn’t get used to staying in the stroller or any carrier. But unlike what the others may say, this theory is actually untrue. Instead, holding your baby close to you, would actually benefit them by making sure their needs are met better and they are also able to develop a better self-image of themselves and understand that they are important and respected. So don’t overthink things too much and go with your natural motherly instinct, it is always right!

You Don’t Really Need a Stock of Wipes

Businesses are profit motivated, so it only natural that they would promote their product (in this case baby wipes), as one of the most essential item for survival! But in reality this is quite untrue, more or less. Using baby wipes could actually be skipped out once and for all, and you would be saving tons of money as well. For babies that are breastfed, their poop and pee are quite low in bacteria and acid. So these could be easily wiped off using the nappy itself. And if your baby is one that is bottle fed, then you could still use a cloth and some mild soap to wash them.

Stop That Pee Spill

This is could be just as bad as a poop explosion if you don’t use the right product. If your baby is one that sleeps for long hours, then you need to make sure that you keep a good diaper stock that is absorbent and prevents leakage. After all you definitely don’t want your baby to wake up half a sleep, all cranky, simply because the blankets and nappy was to wet for him to keep sleeping on.

Sterilize the Modern Way

Sterilizing all your baby’s stuff, cannot be skipped out. After all you cannot afford to take chances with new born. But the old fashion way of using a pot of boiling water and putting in one by one to be sterilized in not only a tedious process but too time consuming as well. Instead you could simply pop in all these in to the dishwasher and set it on a short hot cycle and let it sterilize the modern way!

Use the above tricks and ace being a new mom like a pro!