If you’re about to visit a skin specialist there are a few things you have to be aware of. Below, we’ll be discussing them, so keep reading.

Be Realistic

If you suffer from a skin related issue, be it acne or pigmentation, know the doctor doesn’t work magic. If she’s prescribed you medication, you have to let it work its course. So, don’t expect results after your first visit as this is highly unrealistic.

Unfortunately, the treatment plan she’s prescribed not work which is normal. If this is the case, don’t stop your visits with her as we our skins are very unique. So, it may take a little while to find the best treatment plan for you.

Don’t Wear Makeup

Wearing make up to the appointment is pointless. All it would do is cover your blemishes up, acting as a sheet, not allowing the doctor to fully examine you. If you want her to do the best work possible, you won’t wear any make up.

Most of the time, the doctor would see that you’re wearing makeup and would make you wipe it off. This makes wearing it in the first place quite pointless.

Don’t Wear Nail Polish

Nail polish does the same thing that make up does, it covers what’s underneath it. If you’ve gone to the dermatologist for a check-up, she’ll check your nails to see if the skin surrounding it is growing well. Now, she can’t do this if you have polish on.

She probably won’t have nail remover with her, making her unable to examine your nails. This could be detrimental as you may have an issue with the skin in that area, but now you’ll not know.

Take Pictures

It’s best if you plan your appointment ahead of time. This will allow you to document your skin’s condition. It may not be at its worse when your appointment is up, not allowing your doctor to fully assess the severity of it. Thankfully, you can remedy this solution if you take pictures of it.

Hence, do this before the visit for at least a week or two as this would allow for ample assessment.

Keep Your Week Open

Once you’re done with the appointment, going straight to lunch could be disastrous for you. If the skin treatment you just had was extensive, you’ll be left with swollen, patchy areas where the doctor just worked her magic.  This is especially true for a chemical peel as your skin would be peeling off your face!

So, after the appointment, make sure you don’t have anything else to go to, at least for the following days as this would allow your skin to rest and come back to its glory.

Have You Spoken to Your Insurer?

Although insurance covers majority of the treatments, some of them may not be covered. That’s why it’s best if you speak to your insurer beforehand.

As you can see, you should be aware of a few things before you plan a trip to the doctor. So, keep the above in mind.