If someone you know is trying to quit smoking, there are countless things you can do to make the process easier for them. This article will be running through the things you can do, so keep reading.

Be Supportive

Know that smoking is an addiction. It’s an addiction because of the nicotine inside of cigarettes. Once you start smoking, you’re latched onto this substance.

So, when a smoker quits, they go into withdrawal. Not many people are aware of this which is why you need to be very supportive of your friend.

By giving them emotional support, they’ll be able to overcome the issue. So always be there for them, preferably staying with them until they recover.

Run Their Errands

As mentioned, quitting smoking is like giving up a drug. Going cold turkey can ruin your life so your friend won’t be able to do anything. You should make their life easier by helping them with their chores.

You can do this by cooking for them, cleaning their home and paying their bills. This will make the quitting process easier as they don’t have to worry about getting these things done, smoking a cigarette to feel better to do so.

Don’t Smoke Around Them

If your friend visits you, you need to evaluate your home. You may be a smoker which is fine. However, your friend shouldn’t be in an environment that encourages him to smoke. That’s why you shouldn’t smoke when around.

This may be hard but you should do it as otherwise, you’re encouraging them to join you as smoking is a social activity.

Clear Your Home

You may not be smoking around them. This is great, but you should also get rid of anything that encourages your friend to smoke as well.

These can be little things like ashtrays and cigarette buds lying around. If your friend sees these, he’ll feel very uncomfortable. Not just this, they’ll tempt him to bring smoking back into his life.

Understand Their Point Of View

As smoking is an addiction, people don’t realize that there are underlying causes to it. Your friend may have gone through something which the relief of smoking helped with.

By talking to them, figuring out what these issues were, you can try and solve them. This will help negate the need to smoke as you’ve worked on the pain they’re trying to mask.

If you can’t do this, there are guides and tutorials out there- this is how many people have stopped smoking.

Do You Have Gum?

To get rid of the urge to smoke, your friend would need to substritute the urge with something else. Most ex-smokers substitute the urge with chewing on a vegetable or a piece of gum.

That’s why you should keep this in mind, always having gum in hand. You’ll be the best friend if you do as you can offer them the piece, helping them last without smoking for as long as possible- this will make quitting easier.

Considering the above points, there are many ways to help a loved one stop smoking. So, make use of everything mentioned.