Anti-aging tips are sought after by nearly everyone. We all suffer from those gradual fine lines, crow’s feet around the eyes and wrinkles. While this aging process is natural, it’s usually exacerbated by many factors in our environment- the most important being the sun and dust. Stress too, leaves behind quite an amount of tension.  This is the type of aging that you can reduce and we’ve put together some of our best tips on how to help you do just that!


Sunscreen is our best tool to use in the big fight against cancer. Those harmful UV rays from the sun not only cause mutations that give way to cancerous cells, however, it stands to reason that they significantly damage both the surface and inner layers of our skin as well. And in the process, encourages skin aging. This is why you can use sunscreen to also reduce aging and the appearance of any spots that pop up after spending too much time in the sun.

Watch the Price Tag

Usually people spend hefty amounts on their skin care products because they believe the more expensive it is, the more likely it is to work! Products on the more popular branded side of the spectrum have expensive price tags but this doesn’t always mean that they work better than their more affordable counterparts. When you’re buying your products, you always need to check the ingredients list first, rather than the brand behind it. Organically sourced products like The Real MacArthur Paw Paw are always the safest bet to be using on your skin.

Generic Products

While we discourage overspending on expensive products purely based on a decision of which brand is better, we also advise against going for generic drug store products. These products may be affordable and may have an identical ingredient list to that of brands, but the methods in which these ingredients are sourced and their quality could be jeopardized so you definitely wouldn’t want to be applying these on your skin!


Using serums in your daily skin care routine is usually one of the most common steps to be skipped by the majority. This is a BIG mistake! Using a serum layered underneath your daily moisturizer is an absolute must because it helps strengthen the surface of the skin and help boost antioxidants. These antioxidants are vital in fighting against harmful UV rays from the sun and free radicals. Since the serum is both lightweight and has a higher concentration of active ingredients, this just means that it’s much easier for this product to penetrate your skin- therefore, higher efficiency!

A Healthy Diet

If you do all these steps but you still eat unhealthily, chances are you won’t notice a difference. The healthiness of your skin is just a representation of your overall physical wellbeing- and that is maintained by how well you eat. Too much sugar and sweets can have effects on multiple parts of your body and this cumulatively could result in something like pimples on your face that damages the skin. Bottom-line is, all that unhealthy dieting can take its toll on how well your skin copes through the years.

These are the best ways you can reduce unnatural skin aging. Just remember to be mindful of what you put on your face, what foods you allow to enter your body and what contaminants you run into in the environment.