Having a baby is like a little precious gift that not many may have the privilege of earning. And once you finally become one of those privilege persons, you simply cannot avoid being too cautious about everything and anything you do. This also applies to the kind of food you eat, the things you do and those that you avoid. Of course you may have wild cravings as well during this period, and once you give birth, you probably might be all too focused on losing all that extra weight and getting back in shape. While it is perfectly alright to do so, it is also important that you still be cautious of what you eat, as it could affect your baby and your health as well. So here are some foods you should be including in the diet of a new mom!


Including a lot of dairy products as a part of your diet is quite important, especially if you are a mom that breastfeeds. The reason for this is, most dairy products are known to carry vitamin D that is vital for strong bones. It also has vitamin B, protein and calcium too. And while breast milk is already filled with all these nutrients, it is still important to include these, as they are essential for your own body as well, to function healthily.  So try to include some yogurt, a couple slices of cheese, and at least three glasses of milk every day, as a part of your diet.


Fish in general has a lot of proteins and other nutrients. And when it comes to salmon, these are regarded as one of the best foods any new mom should be including in her diet. It includes a kind of fat called DHA. And this fat is most important for the growth of your baby’s nervous system. And while your breast milk may contain a certain amount of DHA, it is still essential to include this fish as a part of your diet, as the DHA levels are said to be higher in the milk when this fat is included. However, you must also be cautious about not going overboard with this fish, as there is a chance where the mercury levels may rise affecting your baby. So limit it to two main portions per week.

Boney Beef

Maintaining a sufficient level of iron within your body is most important, to not only maintain the energy levels in your body, but to also make sure your baby’s nourishment needs are also met. And the best way of balancing all this out is, by including boney beef or lean beef as a part of your diet. After all, feeding moms need a lot of protein and vitamin B-12 and this food is its best source!

Include the above foods as a part of your diet so that you have the best nourishments in your body, not only for yourself but for your baby as well!