Spotting a bad dentist is an easy one. No matter how prestigious a dentist is, if you are not comfortable, just do the right thing by leaving. It is better to go to an unknown dentist with a small clinic than to a well known one but you are treated badly. You have to remember that you are the paying client and your comfort should be the clinic and the dentist’s priority.

Having to go to a dentist is a source of stress particularly those who have a low threshold for pain. Don’t add any more unwarranted stress and worry by going to a dentist that not only does nothing to alleviate your fear, but add more by being testy and unaccommodating.

Unkempt Clinic

One of the first sign that a dentist is a bad one is if they have an unkempt clinic. If they don’t have the time to look after their clinic, how could they assure their patients that they are the best dentist to look after their oral health. An unkempt clinic may also be a sign that the dentist has poor hygiene on their own self as well and we wouldn’t want a dentist with dirty hands poking and preening inside our mouth.

Rude And Unaccommodating

We could all agree that not everyone likes a visit to the dentist. It’s scary, it’s painful and it’s costly. Imagine if the dentist is also rude and unaccommodating. Some might even consider living with tartar and plaque instead of having to deal with a dentist who is not helpful in trying to calm their patient. This unwelcoming behavior also extends to the dentist’s staff. If the dentist is nice and does their job correctly but their receptionist is someone who snaps and snarls on a regular basis, the dentist and the clinic would still get a bad rep and clients would shy away from visiting again. Fortunately, you would not have a problem with rude and unaccommodating dentists and staff if you visit a reputed clinic in mount druitt.

Inaccurate Procedures

Dental procedures are still risky especially if it will be done by an inexperienced and incapable dentist. Doing an inaccurate procedure on a simple dental problem might cause a more serious, grave problem or even a life threatening situation. If you are only suffering from a toothache because of a minor plaque that only needs filling then your dentist suggested that it needs to be extracted, seek for a second opinion.

Extensive Operation

Similar to suggestion for inaccurate procedures, if your dentist is suddenly encouraging you for extensive operations or costly procedures that you believe is unnecessary, chances are the dentist just want to milk you or your insurance, especially if the insurance provides extensive coverage. If the dentist keeps on recommending whitening procedures even if you recently just had one, be alarmed.

If you feel uncomfortable the moment you stepped inside a dentist’s office, you have to bail. Or if they are making you wait unnecessarily, leave. A dentist who does not value his or her client’s time is not someone you should trust with your and your family’s oral health.