Is weight loss one of your many New Year’s Resolution this year? Since almost a quarter of the year has passed, did you lose any weight? How’s your progress? At this rate of yours, do you think you can reach your target weight by year-end? If you’ve made progress, then that’s very good! If you have not, you have to do something about it. However, engaging in trendy diets to achieve that weight loss will only deprive you of your favorites. Although it could be effective as these diets can certainly help you lose weight, it’s only beneficial on a short-term basis. Looking at it in the long-run, you will most likely have difficulty maintaining it. That is why, here are some of the tips that dieticians, also known as nutrition experts, shared to ensure that you achieve that weight loss in a nutritious manner.

Skipping Meals

Never ever skip your meals. Skipping your meals only mean that you’ll get too hungry. If you’re too hungry, there’s a high probability that you will devour everything; hence, you will only gain weight. So help yourself by eating every two to three hours. The trick is to have small frequent feeding. However, if you really want a heavy snack, eat that food with high protein and fiber content to keep you through.

Visibility Rules

Displaying chips and cakes on the table will only make you drool. Instead of displaying these, you should display fruits and other healthy snacks. With this, you will not be tempted to instantly cheat your diet. Display healthy food options so you can easily grab them whenever you feel hungry.

Packed Food

Undoubtedly, eating out makes food more enjoyable to consume because it’s tastier. Well, they are since it contains higher amounts of sodium, which are bad for your health. Hence, it is better to just pack your healthy food whenever you go out. If you are unsure of what food to pack, you can consult Sunshine Coast Dietetics to ensure that you are packing the right items.


Even if you claim that you drink 10 to 12 glasses of fluids daily, are you sure that these 10 to 12 glasses are pure water? Well, juices should not be included in the count. In fact, homemade juices are more acceptable than store-bought canned juices since the latter contains so much sugar. If you make your juice at home, it is best to drink it as it is without any additives. Natural is the way to go these days so make sure that you hydrate with water alone. Avoid sugary drinks as it will only make you fat.

Cheat Day

From time to time, allow yourself to indulge by eating your favorite food. You should not completely deprive yourself of your wants. It’s one trick to sustain your balanced diet in the long-run. However, make sure that your cheat day only lasts for a day. Anything in excess of it will only disregard the progress that you have made.

Although some may regard weight loss to be a difficult task, you only need to follow these tips and you will surely find yourself progressing steadily towards your goal.

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