Growing old is about so much more than getting grey hair and wrinkles on your face. Aging goes hand in hand with a plethora of unique health issues that people are just now starting to pay more attention to. With the elderly taking up a sizeable proportion of our population, more emphasis is placed on giving them the right care they deserve and better understanding the conditions they face. By doing so, you both respect the elderly’s human rights and help the entire population learn more about how they can engage in healthy aging. Here’s a list of the common issues’ elders face.

Chronic Health Conditions

Almost all seniors suffer from a chronic health condition– and a sizeable percent have more than one to worry about. Cancer, strokes, heart disease and diabetes are amongst the leading chronic conditions seniors face. Since they are often diagnosed with more than one condition, this makes treatment plans far more complex because the solution for one illness may contradict with another. Doctors recommend regular exercise, healthy diets and annual check-ups to lower your risk of acquiring a chronic disease as you age.

Cognitive Health

Cognitive health is described as a person’s ability to think, remember and learn. You’ll find cognitive health to steadily decline as you age and the most common diagnosis is that of dementia. Millions of people worldwide have been diagnosed with this condition and the numbers are supposed to triple in the years to come. While plenty of research is being conducted on it, there’s no cure as of yet (only treatment plans to manage the symptoms). Dementia is usually brought on by other underlying chronic conditions or lifestyles that include substance abuse, smoking, HIV etc. Seniors diagnosed with dementia are often recommended to be handled by professionals and individuals with at least a certificate 4 in aged care so they can receive the relevant support.

Mental Disorders

Mental health has only been recently been taking the spotlight, which means there is still a long way to go in spotting when an aged citizen is suffering from a mental illness. Conditions such as depression usually come about as a side effect to other chronic health problems and by managing them you may simultaneously improve on your patient’s mental health as well.

Physical Injuries

Unfortunately elders are quite prone to physical injuries and there is a constant flow of hospital admittances for this sort of issue. Aging often brings about brittle bones and muscles tend to lose their flexibility. This means seniors are more likely to lose their balance and also fracture their bones in the process. Common diseases that contribute to such physical injuries are osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. They can be managed through healthy diets and exercise.


Malnutrition is unfortunately often underdiagnosed and can lead to many other health concerns. This usually comes about due to circumstances like reduced social contact, depression, alcoholism and even dementia.

These are the most common health issues the elders face but by no means does it complete the list. If you want to reduce your chances of acquiring such diseases and conditions, make sure to live a healthy lifestyle!